Sugatsune provides custom designed OEM torque hinges.

As a manufacturer and developer of torque hinges, Sugatsune can provide top quality solutions.

Torque OEM Design

Many different custom options available

Option 1 Extra functionality

Torque adjustment

Torque can be adjusted by rotating a screw.

One-way torque

Torque only activates in one direction. There is no resistant force when opening or lifting up.


Close to closing radius, torque resistance is removed to prevent springback.

Heat resistant

Keeps 80% of its torque in hot environments. Retains full torque strength at room temperature.

Water-proof (Available for exterior use)

The main body is made from stainless steel, the rotating shaft is covered with an O-ring, preventing water and dust ingress.


Covered with an antibacterial coating, also uses antibacterial grease

Other examples include: vertical install torque hinges, rotating shafts that are grease-free, high durability (passed 50,000 cycle tests) and more. Whether you are looking for solutions featured above or something completely different, Sugatsune can provide with a variety of options. Please contact us for more information.

Option 2 Torque mechanisms

Torque hinges operate by creating friction in the movable shaft.
By relying on Sugatsune current products and engineering knowhow, you will be able to find the most appropriate solution for your project.

Disk mechanism

Friction is generated when movable disks sandwiching a fix disk are moved.

Curl mechanism

Friction is generated when a shaft inside a rolled spring sheet is rotated.

Pipe structure

A shaft press-fitted into a plastic pipe is rotated.

Option 3 Hinge types

Butt hinges
Lift-off hinge
Back-mount concealed hinge
Dual axis hinge
Special types

Option 4 Materials

Stainless steel
Zinc alloy
Aluminium alloy

We are your partners at every stage

Sugatsune can take your product requirements and engineer the necessary product designs.
With a great deal of successes and a large amount of experience, we are able to create all kinds of different torque hinges.
Please feel free to search through our product catalogue. If you need a change in our sizes, or the dimensions of installation holes, please feel free to contact a sales representative.