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The Sugatsune advantage

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The Sugatsune advantage


We take concepts and turn them into trends.

Whether you are designing a truck or refurbishing a lawyer’s office, design will always play an important part in your product’s appeal. That is why at Sugatsune, we want every part to help you be successful. By paying particular attention to the shape, finish and function of each product, we want our parts to enhance your ideas.

Research and Development

Speedy, creative, high tech and exhaustive. We are an industry leader in quality.

Through the use of CAD, CAM and the latest 3D printing technology, we can rapidly provide solutions while significantly limiting delays. We have the facilities, technology and expertise necessary to adapt and develop customizations that match your needs.


We maintain a large inventory in order to provide customers with quick and precise delivery.

Orders from sales offices are treated in real time by our centralized database. Combined with our automated warehouse system and our inventory of over 20,000 references, we have developed a system that processes orders promptly and accurately. This service is extended to our overseas branches in order to serve your needs as quickly as possible.

Quality Control

Japanese Quality

We provide consistently high quality and reliable products that you can depend on. Sugatsune follows stringent tests and checks to ensure that we provide only top Japanese quality products.


We anticipate unrealized market needs and give them concrete form.

Within the large and diverse market, we search for potential needs and give them solid form. Our experience and expertise allows us to anticipate market trends and customer desires.


Flexible production capacity.

Our production capacity and method can be adapted to different needs to suit many types of projects and customers. From lost wax hand-polished handles to fully-automated concealed hinges, Sugatsune will find the best way to build your solution.

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Copyright © SUGATSUNE KOGYO CO.,LTD. All rights reserved.