What is Sugatsune's 'Motion Design Tech'? Motion=New motion Design=Developed Tec=With technology MDT is Sugatsune's knowhow to provide unique movement solutions for your flaps and doors.

Motion Design Tech improves flap or door operation.

There are 5 kinds of Motion Design Tech motions.
Flap or door operation will be improved if the most suitable motion is selected.
As the opening or closing movement is made easier for the user,
the final product has extra value.

- For smooth movementSoft motion

This mechanism slows down opening and closing speed of flap, lid, or drawer.

- Hold in any positionFree-stop motion

This mechanism holds a flap, lid, or cover in any position.

- Helps you openPower assist motion

This mechanism helps open heavy doors or lids.

- Snap and stopClick motion

This mechanism holds a flap, lid or cover at a certain angle.

- New openingsUnique motion

These mechanisms allow for various different door opening movements.

Do you feel the strain
when opening or closing heavy lids?

Opening or closing a flap is an common action.

Repeated movement of a heavy flap may cause a strain,
even though you may not realise it immediately.

The following examples may be a possible cause of stress:
- Door slamming sound
- Risk of getting your fingers caught
- Difficulty of opening or closing a heavy door repeatedly
- Obstruction of an opened door in a narrow aisle etc.

In any environment, each stress,
not matter whether big or small, may lead to problem or mistake.

Sugatsune tries and make your working or living environment less stressful and more convenience,
by offering unique solutions to open and close flaps and doors.